A Trip Down Winery Lane: Citrus Wine & Tapas

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A Trip Down Winery Lane: Citrus Wine & Tapas

May 30, 2019

If we asked you to list some string of words that make the greatest pairs, you probably couldn’t complete your list without the famous “wine and dine” and for good reason. Billion years of evolution later and there is nothing that unites people like food and some good wine.

At Citrus, both “wining and dining” literally mean so much to us but on Thursday 25th April 2019, it was all about the wine. 20 lovely people gathered at one of the loveliest spots in our restaurant where they were taken through several rounds of wine tasting curated by renowned wine maker, Daniel Villanueva. Of course with brief interludes to network and socialize. Our guests got an impeccable education on wine varieties and what goes into achieving the different tastes the world has come to love.

It was a cozy Thursday night where strangers became friends, friends became family, and family got even closer. We are very “grapeful” for all the guests that made it to the event and we can’t wait for the next edition to meet even more lovely people and share some rounds of our favorite wine varieties once more. 

Cheers to the magical memories we created and cheers to more coming!